Mysterious Island (1961)

Mysterious Island is another movie I was able to watch for free at the Southeast Theater in Sugarhouse UT.  The original story was written by Jules Verne in 1874. At some point I read the novel, but that was long after I had seen the movie. As with most movies Read more…



Longmire is one of those TV shows that grow on you. I wasn’t sure if I could watch the entire series (on Netflix) but I am anxiously waiting for the next season. The series was never one of those series that I would watch marathon style, but it was good Read more…


My Blogging

Today I was thinking of something to write about this morning; and looked at some other people’s blog posts. I realized there are so many creative minds in the world, and I started wondering where my creative spirit is? Where is My Blogging going? My creativity is in there someplace; Read more…


Have Been Busy

I have been busy working on this site. I’ve finished adding the “Interesting Stories” section on my “News Page.” There are lots of funny or interesting stories to read. Not all the stories posted under “Interesting Stories” represent my personal views. This website has become lost on the internet. There Read more…


A Short Story

Written August 10, 2010 Places I Worked Many years ago, when I was 17 or 18 years old. I worked as a messenger for the Primary Children’s Hospital. “Pennies By the inch” donations built the hospital. In Salt Lake City, the hospital was at the top of the avenue’s district. 12th Read more…


My New Cat

If I would write a tale about my cat, where would I start. I would start with when I got her. She was tiny, and I knew I liked her right from the beginning.