Are you a guest in your own home? If you’re a cat person and your cat likes you then you’re a guest. My cats name is Star; she has allowed me to live with her for just over eight years. We’ve become great friends yet she always lets me know who’s in charge. Star has […]

My Mornings

It’s hard for me to find something to write about. If I wrote about my daily activities my readers eyes would roll up to the back of their heads. At this time in my life everything is very routine. Nothing much changes from day-to-day. The hardest decision I have to make is “what should I […]

All Is Well

September 30, 2015 I have been living with my cat for about seven years. She is very much an adult cat. As cats go she is very shy. She is a one person cat. She doesn’t take well to strangers. She is the ruler of my household, and she is very regimented. She likes structure, […]

Star Update

Wow, I haven’t written about my cat in several years. I posted several stories about her when she was my new pet, but not much since then. She has grown into a very unique cat with her own unusual cat temperament. The older she gets the more she gets set in her ways, just like […]

It’s Been About Five Years

July 15, 2012 It’s been about five years since my last post, Star is still my cat. She and I have quite an interesting relationship. As I may have said once before – she has me well trained.

Star – My New Cat

Compiled – June 29, 2007 Star – My New Cat . . . Friday, June 29, 2007 If I were going to write a tail about my cat where would I start. I guess I would start with when I got her. She was very small, and I knew I liked here right from the […]