My History – Sixty Years Plus

My History

I was working on a previous installment of a news page, and I got a bright idea I’ll make a My History page. Why don’t I try to create a history of my life by remembering the different places I have lived? I’m not saying that I will remember all the places I have lived, or that I will remember them in chronological order, but I will do my best. I never kept a journal, so I will have to rely on my very fragmented memory. Remember, I lived in all the places on this page, but I may not have them listed in the proper order.

Pages listed by decade. The pages in the “My History” section will probably change from time to time as I add more information.

The above links will take you to the different decades and periods of my life. The page links are in the menu bar above.

The history may not be 100% accurate yet will be as close to it as I can remember.