Riverside Apartments–1998 to 2005


2000 to Present
Riverside Apartments

2000 to Present – another noisy apartment building. I lived on the bottom floor, so I had neighbors above me. Most of the people who lived upstairs were quiet, but some caused me much anxiety. I think I lived there for seven years, no way to tell now.

I worked for Anderson Lumber the first part of my stay at Riverside apartments. A holding company bought Anderson Lumber, so they fired most of the staff. I worked for Anderson Lumber for about five years.

After Anderson Lumber I worked for three months at Wal-Mart in Bloomington as Christmas help. After Wal-Mart, I got a job through my friend Thomas Trump at All Purpose Windows.

480 South 200 West–2005 to 2015

2000 to Present
Sun Gardens

The first property I owned–and the last. Not my wisest choice to buy a condominium. Living here was like sharing a house with strangers living in the other room. Lots of noise and no management on site.

I lived in Sun Gardens Condo’s almost exactly ten years. Lots of unpleasant events while I lived there. My apartment was the one on the bottom floor on the left side of the building.

919 South 400 East–2015 to Present

2000 to Present
919 South 400 East

The most recent decade should be the easiest to complete. Only three residences in this decade. The latest is my apartment at The Village at Heritage Court. I moved in February 2015. Not much to tell other than it is the best apartment I have lived in Saint George. There are many amenities, and best of all it is tranquil. My studio is on the second floor on the backside of the building. I have a great view of the freeway, and I can see Kolob from my Living-room window. 2000 to Present the last entry in my history for now.