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Life In The ’60s

My Life In The ’60s. I know I moved out of the Ashton Avenue house in May 1968, and I moved into the boardinghouse on 200 South. I was working at Mr. “S” restaurant, and the manager helped me move my belongings. See the “A Short Story” post in my blog.

My Life In The ’60s @ 240 Spencer Court

Life In The '60s
240 Spencer Court

In my late teens, I lived at Spencer Court for a short while. At present, I’m not sure exactly when it was. I shared this apartment with several other people. I don’t even remember their names.

The apartment I lived in was on the left side of this building. I remember I lived in the basement for a short while, then I moved upstairs to the back bedroom. There were three bedrooms on the main floor, one of which didn’t have any windows. There was a cutout space in the wall for light between the middle bedroom and the back bedroom.

882 Second Avenue

(Just an estimate of an apartment I shared with Paul Wiersma.) I can’t get a good picture from Google Maps too many tree branches in the way. This was one of those places I didn’t stay very long. If I remember there was one year that I lived in 12 or 13 different locations. I think I was staying with people because I didn’t have a job.

Life In The ’60s @ 3460 South 300 East

Life In The '60s
3460 South 300 East

Another apartment I didn’t live in very long. I moved to this apartment from 882 2nd Avenue with Paul Wiersma and Richard. I don’t remember Richard’s last name; he was kind of strange. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, the first one in the building on the right of the photograph. As I remember, I was working for Harmon’s Cafe. I transferred to the 3900 South store from the Sugarhouse store.

205 Second Avenue

Life In The '60s
205 Second Avenue

I found another place I lived for a short while. I remember they evicted me from this place because the landlady didn’t like me or my friends. In today’s world, I would have been able to sue for damages or unlawful eviction. I was a very nice older apartment solidly built.

I remember that my mother came to visit me here one time. She was working at the Church Office Building, she always worked at the Church Office Building.

A very short synopsis of My Life In The ’60s.

Sometime In The ’70s