Sometime In The ’70s

267 “G” Street

Sometime In The 70's
House on G street
267 “G” Street

I will start with one place I lived in the Avenue’s district of Salt Lake. I lived in an apartment in the house pictured to the right. My apartment was in the back of the house. Thinking I was 20 or 21 when I lived there, so it was in 1970 or 1971. That was sometime in the ’70s. Starting my journey Sometime In The ’70s

Orange WV Beetle
VW Bug

I bought my first car while I lived in this apartment, and I was working for a graphics company called John Evans Co. I think the company is still in business today. The picture to the right is not the car I owned, but my car looked just like it.

Living at 402 Penny Avenue

House in on Penny Ave.
402 Penny Avenue

If I remember correctly, I moved from “G” street to 402 Penney Avenue in South Salt Lake. I moved in with a friend named Kelly Durante. We didn’t stay roommates for very long, less than a year. It was from this house that my electronic possessions were stolen. I still worked for the John Evans Company.

During my time at this house, I had to sell my VW; I needed some cash. After I sold my car, I would walk to work. John Evans Co. was on 3300 South just down the street from Granite High School. The house in the picture is as it looks today, it wasn’t nearly as beautiful when I lived there. There were great old trees in front of the house, and the outside was an old rundown clapboard.

2199 South 300 East – Sometime In The ’70s

An old stone house I lived in.
2199 South 300 East

From Penny Avenue, I moved into this grand old house at 2199 South 300 East. They painted the building a darker green in those days. My apartment was on the ground floor on the left side of the house. I remember that I paid $99.00 a month for rent, and that included all utilities.

I worked at John Evans Company and another employee would stop and pick me up for work every day. It was a grand old apartment, not too big, but I loved it. It is one place I wish I would have stayed at longer.

I remember there was a chocolate factory down the street a little way, and I could often smell the aroma of chocolate in the air.

I lived at Day’s Murray Music

Picture of Days Murray Music
Day’s Murray Music

From my 300 East apartment, my friend Chris Wood persuaded me to move into an apartment in Day’s Murray Music. It was a one-bedroom apartment, and it was large. There were two or three other apartments in the building, and they were all occupied by my friends. All tenants had good times.

I still didn’t have a car, so I took the bus to work. I think my stay at Day’s Music was only a few months. It was very noisy and dirty from the traffic on State Street. Every time the wind would blow, everything would get covered by dust. The plumbing in the bathroom didn’t work very well; things were always getting clogged and wouldn’t drain well.

I’m not sure where I lived after that. I think it was a house on 3300 South just below 1300 East. I must think about that for a while. I may have the order of events mixed up, I may have lived in the house on 3300 south before I moved into the house on “G” street, but I don’t think so. I know I moved from Penny Avenue to 300 East, and I may have gone from 300 East to the house on 3300 South, I’m not sure. Very confusing.

Richmond Apartments is where I lived with Mike Underwood.

Picture of Richmond apts.
Richmond Apartments

I was working at the liquor store when I moved to the Richmond Apartments with Mike Underwood. It was a convenient place for me while I worked for the liquor store and 7/11. Mike and I lived in the apartment on the top floor on the left side of the building. I still drove my Monte Carlo while I lived here. Remember, what I write here may not be correct chronologically but very close. The ’80s were a long time ago.

Sometime In The 70's
Shelia Potts

Here is a picture of my lifelong friend Sheila Potts. I took the photo while I lived at the Richmond apartments. I met her when I was 16. She lived one street over from the family house on Ashton Avenue. She was a good friend until her death in the late ’90s.

172 “K” Street – Sometime In Thee ’70s

Sometime In The 70's
172 “K” Street

I lived in this apartment building with Mike Hosner for a short time. Not sure how long, and not sure where I was working then. I will guess I was still working at John Evans. I think I still had my VW Bug because I remember driving to San Francisco while I lived in this building.

Mike moved out, and I stayed on alone for several more months. A friend I worked with at John Evans, Alan La France, would come and visit me here.

7063 South 2200 West – Sometime In The ’70s

Sometime In The 70's
7063 South 2200 West

My stepfather died from cancer in October 1974. At the time he died mother and Fred was living in a house in West Jordan, Utah. The house was on an acre or more, and Fred kept horses.

If I remember, it was Fred’s wish that I move in with my mother to help with the horses. I still worked for John Evans Company. I’m not sure how I got around in those days, but I think I bought my Monte Carlo while I lived here.

The picture of the house is from Bing Maps and is not at all flattering. The house looks run down and unkempt. Very depressing. I spent the next five or six years living here with my mother.

I think I have covered most of my time and places of residence during the 1970s. If I remember more, I will add them later. I know there is at least one more residence involved, but I don’t think the house is still there. I tried to find it using Google Maps, but I couldn’t find it. There may have been another couple of apartments in the avenues, but I’m not sure of the chronological order. That was life Sometime In The ’70s.

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