What About The 80’s

Back to West Jordan

I lived with my mother for the second time, from at least 1980 to 1985. The second period ended when mom married Howard (see Dorothy’s Condo). But I get ahead of myself. While I lived with mom I quit my job with John Evans Co. and started working at 7/11. I worked at different 7/11’s for about three years. While I was still working for 7/11 I got a part time job at the Murray Liquor store. I know I started as Christmas help but I don’t remember if I started in November or December. What I do know is that I liked the job, best one I ever had. The beginning of a nearly 20 year career.

Aunt Dorothy’s Condo – 2036 East 2700 South – 1985 to 1986

Dorothys CondoI moved into this condominium complex right after my mother married Howard Barben in January of 1985. Mom had sold the house on 2200 West in West Jordan and I needed a place to live.

This was one of those poorly built apartment buildings that was turned into a condominium. Paper thin walls, literally everything could be heard from your neighbors. While I lived here I met a new friend, Andy Bosse.

Cottonwood Heights1870 East 7030 South – 1986 to 1988

I moved into this three bedroom house sometime in 1986 or 1987. I shared the house with Andy Bosse a friend from Columbus Ohio. This was a real party house. Andy worked at Snowbird. I met all of Andy’s friends, several married couples that he knew from Ohio and Boston. This was the first time I had been friends with people from other states. I lived in this house for about a year and 1/2.

Irving Heights ApartmentsIrving Heights Apartments – 1963 South 1200 East – 1988 to 1995

I moved to this apartment house in 1988 or 1989 (I think). This apartment was one of the best places I lived. I lived alone and made many friends among the residents. The picture isn’t very good, I took it from inside my car.

I lived here about 7 years. During my stay here I worked for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control as a technical specialist. I fixed computers and helped design the POS system.

I was made assistant manager of the apartment building and worked part time painting apartments and getting them ready for new occupants. I moved out in 1996 to go to California.

Then There Were The 90’s