Scandal Writing a post about Scandal. Today I’m going to break from writing a post just to incorporate the daily prompt into my writing. I haven’t written anything about TV shows or movies for a long time. I’m a Netflix Read more…

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Snowpiercer (2013)

My Take Snowpiercer is another movie that bases its storyline on “Global Warming.” Somehow the world ends because global warming has caused a new ice age. It covers the whole earth in ice and snow. The only living beings ride Read more…


Simple Definition of natural I love the natural beauty of planet Earth. its diverse scenery and creativity. Nature can be part of your personality. i.e. It’s not in his nature to commit murder it’s not natural. Nature, existing in nature Read more…


Featured Sites, I’ve been looking at some WordPress featured sites, many of which interested me. The subject and content of those sites is superior to anything I have produced. I am just starting out and I’m not gifted with creativity, Read more…


Person of Interest

My Take After watching the final episode of Person of Interest. I found the ending very appropriate, playing Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine. Wasn’t the whole series about the “MACHINE” that watched everyone. I don’t think the series is Read more…


Free Writing

There are so many places to go to learn about free writing; everyone has a list of ways to help me write my blog. The thing I get from all the blogging tips I have read is “Write a Post Every Read more…


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Landed on this Earth in May 1950 in the state of Utah in Salt Lake City. Two-thirds of my time on Earth has been in Salt Lake City. I have spent one-third in Saint George Utah, with a little time off in southern California.