Scott Newman

Welcome. Thanks for discovering my site and reading my writing. My name is Scott Newman. One purpose of this site is so my companions from years ago can see my name and reach me by email, telephone, or even text. I’m from Salt Lake City UT. I spent most of my life in the Sugarhouse district of Salt Lake City.

Scott Newman – Introduction

I think it’s time to rewrite my front page. I’m not sure what I’m going to put on this new front page, but I hope it’s something interesting and something that pertains to the posts that I have created.

Where I Lived

When I was a teenager, I lived on a street called Ashton Ave, which is no longer in existence. They removed the road to make way for the Shopko parking lot. Then I lived for several years in an apartment building called Irving Heights apartments. While I lived in those apartments, it was the best time of my life. I had a good job; I had plenty of money, and I had plenty of friends.

Topic of Website

The things I write about cover a large area, so there is really no one topic or subject that I write about. I often write about politics and my opinion of those people that work in Washington DC and have so much trouble remembering that they work for the people.

If this website has a central theme or category, the subject will be political. Along with politics, I occasionally write posts about discrete events I’ve experienced in my life. Many of the texts won’t be of any interest to the casual reader. On my earlier welcome page, there were two paragraphs about what an unaccomplished writer I was. I’m still not an accomplished writer, but I’m learning and practicing and using several tools to help me write grammatically correct text.

Writing My Opinion – Scott Newman

Much of what I write about is my opinion and usually nothing more. I sometimes get quotes off of the Internet to help define the topic that I am writing about. When I use things from the Internet, I try to always put a link back to the article that I have used in my post.


I may have stated in a post or two that I believe Hillary Clinton is one of the most dishonest, evil people to find her way into US politics. And I did not think Donald Trump was the right person to be our president. President Donald Trump has changed my mind I think he is the best president that I have seen in my lifetime.


For the past year, I have paid little attention to my website or written many blog posts. I have neglected my blog mainly because I get parked in front of the television set and once there that’s as far as I go in my day. Not to say that I don’t go out to the grocery store, or the doctor’s office. I occasionally go out to the common area and visit with my neighbors. Contingent on the day, that can be an excellent thing or that can be a disappointing thing.

Inadequate Writing

I always have to make a comment about how inadequate I feel when I am writing posts or pages that will show up on my website. I was doing well for a while until I started neglecting my website. It is going to take me some time to get back to the level where I feel comfortable writing about current events.

In Closing – Scott Newman,

I think this is about all for this page. I will include several links to more interesting posts I’ve composed. Again, thank you for locating this website. If you knew me when I lived in the Sugarhouse area and you want to get in touch with me, contact me through my contact form. Thanks.

Scott Newman

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