I have a lot of writing to do to catch up on my daily post prompt writing (not going to happen). I am certainly not obsessed with creating a post to answer the prompt challenge every day. In fact, I have lost interest in the daily prompts, that doesn’t mean I won’t start writing more […]


This post is re posted from my Learning Curve blog Today I am supposed to write a post using information from one of the comments I’ve made in the past. I reviewed the comments I made and decided there wasn’t one worth writing a post about. I’ve concluded that my comments aren’t worth reading.


I thought I’d include my picture today on this temporary post that I am writing to test some things that I am trying to do. (Long sentence) Wow. I’m not satisfied with the way WordPress.com’s desktop application is working. I’m trying new and different programs to write and publish my posts. MS Word works well […]


I have spent the afternoon exploring the WordPress DailyPost sites and reading blog posts from days gone by. I have also been searching the internet for free online creative writing courses. There are not many free courses available. I discovered a site that looks promising. The cost is minimal and it’s a learn as you […]


I’m a little behind on my daily post writing. There is a disadvantage to writing after the fact; I don’ get as many readers. The clock is the first thing I look at when I wake up in the middle of the night. It usually says 4:00 AM or very close to that time. I […]