I thought I’d include my picture today on this temporary post that I am writing to test some things that I am trying to do. (Long sentence) Wow. I’m not satisfied with the way’s desktop application is working. I’m trying new and different programs to write and publish my posts. MS Word works well […]

Multiple Blogs

After trying to be sophisticated and have several blog pages I decided to consolidate and just maintain one blog. It will be this blog located at  Maintaining more than one site doesn’t work. only allows one ping-back per URL.

New Theme

Wow, I updated my website with a new theme today. What a job. Exporting posts doesn’t include the pictures. Now I will have to manually re-insert all of the pictures in my posts. That’s okay, I’ve done it before. One good thing, there are place holders for the pictures I need to Insert, and I will […]

To my readers

Those of you that have been blogging for a long period of time my find my website confusing. When you click on a link to my website or enter the URL: you may expect to  see a listing of my blog entries. Perhaps at some point I’ll set it up that way. But for now […]


Featured Sites I’ve been looking at some WordPress featured sites, many of which interested me. The subject matter and content of those sites is superior to anything I have produced. I am just starting out and I’m not gifted with creativity, but I am trying. Genealogy My website started out as family genealogical site, before […]


Do you ever find that you have too many choices? I am in a conundrum. There are too many ways to post, and edit posts on my WordPress blog site. There is the official WordPress dashboard. There is Microsoft Live Writer. There is Microsoft Word. I can also use my Journal program. They are all […]


Hello. I’ve had some trouble with my website the past few days. The latest thing is most of my pictures disappeared. I was going to try to fix it myself but decided to put in a service ticket. I’m glad I made that decision, the hosting company corrected the problem in a lot less time […]