Continued Server Troubles

Once again, I’m having trouble with my GoDaddy name-servers. Yesterday, for most of the day, my website was offline. Both of my domain names went offline. I tried to correct the name-server error. I set the name-servers to default, but that did not fix the problem;Instead , it looked like Read more…


Server Failure

Server failure It happened again – internal server error. My site won’t load when I use I may have figured out what the problem is. Godaddy keeps changing the server my domain name uses. When it breaks, my website won’t load. I have to adjust the name server in my DNS record Read more…

Trouble in the Cloud

Do the troubles never cease? There were problems with my domain-name-servers again yesterday. The server name changed on both of my domains. I corrected the problem, and things look good for now. I eventually called customer service for help, they disappointed me with the service. The person I talked to Read more…


What a ride!

I was dissatisfied with the hosting WordPress offered, even though it was not too expensive. But after using WordPress hosting, several of the features I needed, or wanted, were not available unless I upgraded to premium or business hosting. I looked around and hosted my website on GoDaddy. The price was Read more…



What an adventure I’ve had, working with, trying to get my website back online. This evening I finally worked with someone that knew what he was doing.



Featured Sites I’ve been looking at some WordPress featured sites, many of which interested me. The subject matter and content of those sites is superior to anything I have produced. I am just starting out and I’m not gifted with creativity, but I am trying, hoping to not be inadequate Read more…


Have Been Busy

I have been busy working on this site. I’ve finished adding the “Interesting Stories” section on my “News Page.” There are lots of funny or interesting stories to read. Not all the stories posted under “Interesting Stories” represent my personal views. This website has become lost on the internet. There Read more…